Like roofing, siding is yet another extremely essential component of your home framework. It safeguards your architectural walls from direct exposure to sunlight, wind, snow and rain. Setting up proper siding can increment the market value of your property while playing a vital part in the total power efficiency of your house.

It is also one of the best investments to boost the resale value of your house.

With plenty of selections for siding, one could totally transform the look of their home. Whether you are setting up siding on a brand-new house or looking to upgrade an existing one, our specialist will definitely work hard to make certain your siding is fitted properly for optimum endurance & toughness and also assist you to bring your vision to presence.

With the help of our siding experts, Calgary homeowners have access to siding products that increase the value of their house while improvising the efficiency of their gas and electrical consumption, eventually saving them a great deal of money.

Below are various ranges of sidings which are available for selection:

Vinyl Siding
Metal Siding
James Hardie Siding
Cedar Siding
Wood Siding
Stucco Siding
Stone Siding
Longboard Siding



Vinyl siding is presently one of the most prominent siding items on the marketplace. It is extremely tough, almost maintenance free, easy to set up, offered in a big selection of shades & designs. It is also among one of the most low-cost options. It does not chip, rot or peel and also never ever has to be repainted. By integrating vinyl siding with foam board insulation, or by buying pre-insulated plastic siding, you could raise your house power efficiency by approximately 20%.


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Vinyl siding is generated primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which supplies toughness as well as rigidness to withstand strong impacts. Today, vinyl siding has actually ended up being the top selection for house siding items throughout Canada as a result of below advantages which come along:

Durable – It is exceptionally resilient against extreme heat, cold, moisture, wind and hailstorm. Vinyl is really immune versus cracking, decomposing, mold and also pest damages.

Wide choice of selectionVinyl siding provides nearly limitless selections in colors, structures as well as designs. There are also vinyl siding choices developed to resemble slate, rock or timber. So you could obtain the specific appearance you desire while maintaining all the advantages of vinyl.

Easy to installVinyl siding is a very easy as well as extremely light-weight to mount siding choice. This easiness to set up minimizes work costs and provides reduced overall setup price.

Budget-friendlyVinyl siding is among the most affordable siding products for your house. As compared to slate, rock or cedar, vinyl is a lot more economical as well as its simplicity to setup permits reduced overall price of replacement.

Low MaintenanceVinyl siding needs practically no upkeep so you could save your summertime for having pleasure in outdoors. Vinyl does not need repainting as the color is ingrained throughout the product itself. Routine cleaning with soap as well as water is all that is needed to preserve your home siding.

Energy efficiency – Insulated vinyl siding could help in reducing heating and air conditioning bills of your house.



James Hardie siding is a superb selection for Calgary house owners looking for an exceptional item that is well worth the extra expense. It integrates the all-natural appearance as well as the attractiveness of timber with the severe sturdiness of Fiber Concrete. Hardie home siding is durable, power efficient and also comes with fire and wind rankings that substantially surpass various alternatives.

In Calgary, James Hardie House siding could protect you from needing to go through the rigid procedure of an insurance claim. It is designed particularly for our environment, with remarkable ability to withstand harsh hailstorm as well as the wind. It also does not warp in swiftly varying temperature levels. There are numerous shades to pick from, making Hardie exterior siding much more fade immune compared to all-natural timber, calling for just recurring paint.


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James Hardie siding provides a complete practical substitute to timber as well as vinyl products. As James Hardie siding is 5 times thicker than old-style vinyl, imagine an ageless exterior as well as a fire-rated defense that goes beyond timber and also vinyl’s susceptibility to heat.

Metal Siding

Metal siding is prevalent in Calgary as well as neighboring areas for both households as well as industrial applications. It is readily available in the differing density of aluminum or steel with a huge variety of shades and shapes to pick from. It could also be tailored to match any kind of framework. As a result of its premium attributes, aluminum or steel siding in Calgary could last the lifetime of the framework it is mounted on.

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Roofing PRO highly suggests metal siding due to its high wind resistance, specifically for structures in the areas that are consistently subjected to high winds. Water resistant, rustproof as well as fire resistant metal siding will certainly secure your financial investment for years ahead.


Wood Siding

Wood home siding has lots of benefits, including a stunning outlook, enhanced value, environment-friendly, remarkable insulation as well as far better security from elements.


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In Calgary, wood siding could either be discolored or painted, giving you the liberty to alter the shade in future if you wish. Even though more upkeep is needed, however when set up properly and also effectively looked after, wood siding in Calgary could last for more than 3 decades, offering your house long-lasting traditional look.


Stone Siding

Stone siding integrates elegance and a distinct appearance that will certainly make your house or office look impressive. High fire, as well as water resistance, boosts residential or commercial property worth while allowing them to stand solid for many years. You could pick from a huge variety of stone in several shades, designs as well as structures.


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Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is among the earliest as well as still one of the most typical types of siding. Stucco is actually a mix of concrete as well as water which develops a sturdy, water-proof surface. The wide range of shades and style options along with its toughness and insulating abilities make stucco a prominent siding option. It is also among one of the most economical siding products. It provides long-term sturdiness, solid fire resistance and excellent insulation from both cold and heat.


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Longboard Siding

Longboard siding is lightweight aluminum siding that appears like wood. It integrates the warmth as well as the elegance of wood and maintenance free toughness of high-quality aluminum. It is readily available in wide variety of wood grain as well as strong shade textures.

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Old, used home siding places your house at danger, lowers its worth and also could raise your home heating as well as air conditioning prices. If you need siding replacement, contact us today.

Enhance the worth as well as the visual charm of your house by hiring Calgary Roofing PRO to set up excellent quality, low maintenance external siding. Whether it is vinyl, aluminum or steel, it will certainly improve the look of your house while boosting its market value.

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