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Soffit and Fascia play an essential role in the stability of your home’s outer structure. Commonly ignored, these components add to the total efficiency as well as durability of your house. They are also equally crucial as roofing and siding. They play a vital role in safeguarding your house and also minimizing the effect of sunlight, rain, snow and wind. With a range of shades available, they could likewise give a personal touch to enhance your financial investment.

Usually made from aluminum, soffit and fascia are also readily available in vinyl, cedar and smart board. The most typical time for homeowners to alter their soffit and fascia is when the gutters are being changed, commonly along with rooftop or siding replacement.


Soffit is the connecting material in between the side of your home and external edge of your roofing. It aids in maintaining your rooftop’s ventilation and also shields the edges of your home from undesirable external elements like wind, rain and snow. This part of your roofing keeps your house completely dry and moisture free. It can be vented or enclosed, depending upon your home’s closeness to surrounding houses.


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It serves as an air intake for the attic area and also controls the temperature level of your attic. Numerous older houses actually do not have properly vented soffits, which results in inadequately vented attics. This could trigger ice damming as well as condensation in a winter season, an overheated living place in summertime and could reduce the total life of your roofing products.

Once again, aluminum is the most typical material used in soffits; however, there are several other alternatives available including vinyl, cedar.


Fascia is the upright board beside the roof, concealed behind your eavestrough. The layer that shields these boards is exactly what safeguards this surface from moisture which can locate its way right into your house if inaccurately set up. In addition to adding a personal touch to your house, it also safeguards the wood underneath from moisture as well as UV sunlight.


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Soffit and Fascia collaborate to shield your house from severe weather conditions and also enhance the roof ventilation. Most importantly, they both avoid water damages by bringing a halt to circulating snow and rain from getting into susceptible areas and harming your roof. Therefore, they both are essential parts of a healthy and balanced roof.

Calgary weather condition could be extreme and rapidly changing, taking its toll on fascia and soffits. If your fascia and soffit are revealing the indications of deterioration including leaking, sagging, waving or decomposing, contact Roofing Pro for a free quote today.

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