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The Roof is the most vital part of the building. It is the first line of defense which protects the rest of the parts that stay below it. A strong, quality roof helps to safeguard your home from the elements. Leaks, holes and other defects resulting from adverse weather conditions or inexperienced roof work can beat the financial value of your property. So maintaining healthy roof is extremely important to sustain a good value of your home. However, unless you are roof expert (which most people are not), you might not be aware of what signs or indicators to look for to ensure your roof is in best of its health. Below are some common reasons which call for professional roof inspection:


Check the condition of your roof shingles. As the roof ages, roof shingles commonly curls upwards due to ventilation issues, becoming less resistant to snow and wind, increasing their chances of a crackdown by slight pressure and thereby exposing the area underneath to penetrate water and causing further headaches. So if any of the shingles are found damaged, missing or cracked, it’s best to not delay replacing them. And if multiple instances of shingles are missing or damaged across the roof, it’s time to replace the whole roof.

curling shingles need roof inspection


Shingles go missing commonly due to damage caused by strong winds. It indicates that shingles have lost their strength and sealant is not effectively binding them together, thereby exposing those areas to more damage by adverse weather conditions.


missing shingles need roof inspection


Due to poor attic ventilation and thinner roof deck, sometimes we come across the waviness in multiple rows of shingles. The combination of buckled shingles and extended rainfall may allow water penetration and wind exposure which could easily make shingles go missing from the roof.

buckling shingles need roof inspection



In cold winters, inspect your attic for damages caused by water leaks. Look for the water stains on the ceiling or walls, which indicate your roof is not properly insulated & ventilated and needs repair before water finds a way into interiors.


ice dam needs roof inspection


Check for any signs of rust around metal flashing, usually found close to chimneys, skylights, showing the signs of wear and tear due to high-temperature variations.


In Calgary, hail damage is not uncommon to hear, which is like surprise stress testing of our roofs by Mother Nature. It occurs when the shingles get bruised by strong hail balls causing loss of granules. Hail damage is like a nightmare for insurance companies as they know they have to cater to big roof replacement claims from homeowners.

hail damage needs roof inspection



Strong winds and gusts can easily rip off many parts of the aged roof and cause extensive damage to so-called new roofs as well. Wind damage is easy to locate by looking for visible missing shingles, or missing pieces of metal around chimneys or exhaust pipe. Unfortunately, this time small repairs won’t fix the problem.


windstorm damaged roof

The best way to keep your healthy roof on track is by keeping an Annual Maintenance Schedule. So if you notice any of the above warning signs on your roof, contact us today for a free roof inspection.

Now after getting to know about your roof health, you might not be sure if you need roof repair or replacement. Click to seek more clarity on this confusing state of mind.